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S.A.T.I.N. / URIN - Mere desire is not enough [NSR021]

S.A.T.I.N. / URIN - Mere desire is not enough [NSR021]

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Never Sleep present a conduit of magnitude when these powerhouses colligulate on a corelease. URIN & S.A.T.I.N collide with the burning effigy of a supernova.

URIN one of the most sought after arcana bands in Berlin, having broke barriers down and represent hard with a core so unyielding for the true punk anima. SZYBCIEJ (SPEEDY) showcases the outrageous rapture and SAMA CHĘĆ NIE WYSTARCZY equalize the EP with guitar thrashed out beyond the curtain call fuckery.

S.A.T.I.N, the new project by Infinity Division & Ireen Amnes, brings doom-electronics, squeezing out post rock sensibilities in the short form is no mean feat but the duo all chemicalize for a creation of experiential motifs. 'Dirt' leads the charge with perpetual drum programming sliced beside thashed vox, 'Nothing is real' blows the walls off with 
complex ambienta and doom metal.

2 x A3 limited edition posters included

Posters by Stachu Szumski & Ash Luk


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