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Cocoricò Tape - Original Soundtrack vinyl

Cocoricò Tape - Original Soundtrack vinyl

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Cocoricò Tapes is a documentary directed by Francesco Tavella with original soundtrack written by Matteo Vallicelli.

Presented in the summer of 2023 in the best Italian film festivals, the film traces the history of one of the most famous clubs in Europe: Cocoricò.

This original soundtrack reflects perfectly the vision of the saturday nights on the hills of Riccione with an intimate sound journey into the myth of an unrepeatable and dazzling period.

Matteo Vallicelli is an Italian musician and producer best known for playing drums in alternative punk bands The Soft Moon, Smart Cops, Wildmen, Death Index, wMerchandise, Endless Inertia and more.

During his 10 years with The Soft Moon, he has performed on the most important stages for their music genre, including opening shows for Depeche Mode and Nine Inch Nails and collaborations with artist such Alessandro Cortini and Trentemøller. His music explores electronic soundscapes and is heavily influenced by early library music, 1980’s movie soundtracks and italo-disco and Cocoricò Tapes (2023) is his first feature film score.

Released by Never Sleep in partnership with Slam Jam


Side A
A1. November 1989 02:44
A2. X2YV18 03:03
A3. Infected 01:09
A4. Hibernation 04:02
A5. Sub Crash Extractor 00:39
A6. Aliena(c)tion 02:20
A7. Strix 02:41
A8. Ay Papi 02:29

Side B
B1. Luminal 04:26
B2. Outsider 00:45
B3. Fanculo La Quiete 01:52
B4. Yukio Mishima 01:32
B5. Ragazzo Dello Spazio 03:05
B6. Sequence One 01:03
B7. Lost In The Stars 02:14
B8. As-Sayf 00:33
B9. Aria Condizionata 04:44

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